PT 11 Edge Cutter

The MAREDO PT 11 Edge Cutter turns the PT 60 Powerunit into an edge cutter. The PT 11 Edge Cutter is driven by the 3000 revs Power Take Off shaft. The PT 11 can be equipped with two different kinds of blades.

The first option is the standard delivered eccentric disk. This disk rolls over the turf by its own. In the center of the disk, a cam is mounted inside a bearing, which is driven by the PTO shaft. When we engage the PTO drive, the rolling disk starts to vibrate. This vibration makes the disk to cut a nice slit, without any hard push. And because there aren’t any real moving parts, the disk rolls easily over hard obstacles, like stones, pavements, etc. The vertical cutting depth can be set up to a maximum of 65 mm = 2,5 ”. It is a very relaxed way of cutting your edges with the eccentric disk at the PT 11along e.g. pavement.

The eccentric disk can be replace for a mowing disk, that has two free floating mowing blades. These blades will mow the grass that grows across the edge. The maximum depth setting is 60 mm= 2.3”. It is an ideal way of mowing the grass that grows over the edge, that have been cut in springtime with the eccentric disk.

The depth is set via the support wheel at the PT 11. You can make some wide turns, using the steering possibilities of the PT 60 base machine.

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