PT 23 Reciprocating Aerator

The MAREDO PT 23 Hollow tine corer turns your PT 60 Powerunit into a compact, easy to use aerator. The PT 23 Hollow tine corer creates nice clean holes, because the PT 23 in a reciprocating aerator. For that reason the PT 23 aerator is often used on fine turf like (bowling) greens and nice gardens. The hole spacing in drive direction can be changed by choosing another groundspeed setting at the PT 60 base machine.

Different tines are available. Standard it is delivered with 11 mm / 0.43” outside diameter hollow tines. But also other hollow, solid, cross and needle tines are available.
The maximum working depth is 50 mm = 2”. The depth is set via the turf hold down shoe plate at the PT 23. At 2,2 km/h groundspeed (standard groundspeed setting of the PT 60 base machine), we get a square hole pattern of 43 x 43 mm = 1,7 x 1,7 “.
The PT 23 Hollow Tine aerator is maintenance free. It weighs about 40 kg = 100 lbs.
A new application for the PT 23 Hollow tine corer is using it as an aerator at artificial turf, to crack the infill that is compacted due to the usage and/ or circumstances. If we mount the needle tines and set the depth at the correct value, the tines will enter the compacted infill and loosen the compacted layer.

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