PT 60 Powerunit

The MAREDO® PTools machine range is based on our PT 60 Powerunit. Different PTools cassettes can be mounted at the front side of the PT 60 Powerunit, which turns this PT 60 Powerunit into a multi-functional maintenance machine.

The PT 60 Powerunit comes standard with a GX 160 Honda engine (5 HP), which drives the rear wheels and the two PTO shafts via independent clutches.
The forward speed can be pre-set via changeable gearwheels from 1.8 km/h up to 2.6 km/h. The steer able front wheel steers by turning the handlebar. The whole machine can be easily locked in the transport position, which makes it easy to transport the machine with cassette. The transport lock is released by squeezing a clutch at the handle bar.
The PT60 Powerunit is standard equipped with two Power Take Off shafts, which runs 1000 and 3000 revs. Each individual PT cassette can only be connected to the PTO shaft for which it was designed for.
The 4 most important heads are: Edge cutting, Aerifying, Sweeping and Artificial Turf Cleaning. On top of that new heads can be designed for this powerunit, as the is a self-supporting base machine. So as long as the new head fits within the overall machine specification, a new head can be developed.

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