ST 63 Powerunit

The MAREDO® ST 63 Powerunit for landscapers is another self-propelled Powerunit. The ST 63 Powerunit for landscapers has another configuration compared to our PT 60 powerunit.
The main differences are:
– The cassettes are mounted at the rear side behind the front wheel, which prevents wheel marks on your treated turf.
– The cassettes pivot in the main frame, so they can follow the forward – backward undulations of the ground. And since the ST 63 has only one major front wheel, the whole machine can easily turn side to side. When all these free movements are combined, it means that the cassettes can follow the undulations of the ground in all directions perfectly.
– The cassettes can easily be changed without using any tools.

The MAREDO ST 63 Powerunit for landscapers is driven by a Honda GX 160 engine. Via two independent clutches the wheel and the cassettes are driven. The groundspeed can be changed by exchanging the gear set (1.8, 2.2 and 2.7 km/hour are available). The ST 63 has one large diameter front wheel, that makes it easy to “walk” with the machine, like a wheel barrow.

As the ST 63 cassettes can follow the undulations so well, the ST 63 is very popular for landscapers who maintain gardens and for small golf courses. For the gardens we have 4 different heads available, while for golf courses we can mount some of our GT heads.

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