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About Maredo

Innovators in Turf Maintenance

Welcome to the Maredo® site. MAREDO® is a Dutch company that develops and distributes innovative machines for your turf maintenance. Using Maredo machines will help you to maintain your turf faster (less shut down time) and with less effort (using new technologies) This will increase your quality maintenance level and drop your maintenance cost.

Our new innovative (patented) machine designs help also to maintain your turf in a more sustainable way, as these new technologies reduce the tractor size and required power.

We call ourselves “The HEAD specialist” as our portfolio consists of independent cassettes that fit e.g. to our own Walk behind Powerunits (PT and ST series), to triplex greens mowers (Greens mower Tools – GT serie), behind (compacts) tractors (Tractor Attachments – MT serie).

Please check out our full range of machines and don’t hesitate to contact us by contact form, e-mail or via our distributors, if you need more information.

The Maredo team.