GT410 VibeSpike-SeederF

Overseeding grass is important to keep it strong and resistant against all kinds of outside threats. Regular overseeding keeps your grass green and healthy. In the past there were two ways of overseeding: hand seeding or by using big and heavy machinery. But then the MAREDO GT410 VibeSpike-SeederF was introduced. The GT410 heads are great instruments for accurate overseeding or interseeding Bentgrasses. The perfectly accurate seeding system contribute to a very high germination rate. Vibratory spikes first create a perfect pattern of dimples. Next the seed will drop right into these holes followed by a light brush and weight roller on the back. The pattern of dimples will not affect ball roll and will disappear fast. The GT410 VibeSpike-SeederF heads are ideal for overseeding Bentgrass greens.

Unique design
Easy adjustable dosage
Accurate seeding

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