GT250 CountRo-Sweeper

Clean greens, that is what everybody wants. The MAREDO GT250 CountRo-Sweeper heads are here to help. Whether it is wormcasts, pine needles, cores or grass clippings which are on the greens, the MAREDO GT250 helps removing it all. The GT250 heads are equipped with an integrated gearbox which make the brushes reverse rotate. Thanks to this rotation against driving direction the GT250 will leave a perfect result. The gearbox will also reduce the RPM on the brushes preventing 'burning' grass because of a too high RPM. The MAREDO GT250 comes standard with MAREDO collecting boxes. A deflector plate is optional. This deflector plate is ideal for use after topdressing and will recycle all topdress material. The MAREDO GT250 CountRo-Sweeper heads will help keeping greens clean and healthy.

Reverse rotating brushes 
Reduced RPM on brushes
Perfect clean result

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