MT210 VibeSpike-Aerator

The Maredo MT210 VibeSpike-Aerator is a great tool for relieving compaction in stressed turf. The vibrating spikes crack the soil and punch holes to get air into the ground. The flexible design of the MT210 makes that the machine follows all undulations and allows the operator to make curves with the machine. The Maredo MT210 isn’t comparable to any other regular spike aerators in the market as the spike sections of the MT210 vibrate for optimal penetration.

The MT210 VibeSpike-Aerator for Fairways is a heavy duty head with the following specifications:
– The VibeSpike-Aerator uses the same innovative technology as the other spikers in the Maredo range. The rolling spike sections vibrate due to the driven central cam shaft. This vibration makes that the spikes are hammered in the soil, crack the soil and leave a nice clean hole when retracted.
– Easy depth adjustment by hand (no tools required).
– An adjustable support front roller and a solid roller on the rear of the head.
– Standard 3 mm (1/8″) thick spikes are mounted.
– The side to side spike spacing is 52 mm = 2.
– We punch about 320 holes per square meter.
– The main (cam)shafts are driven by double, heavy duty V-belts.
– The head is maintenance free (just needs cleaning).
– Working depth 20-55 mm = 1 – 2.2”
– The weight is 60 kg/ 150 lbs per head. The MFrame weighs approximately 120 kg / 300 lbs.