GT214 VibeDisc-Slicer

Aerating grass is needed to keep grass is good condition and healthy. It is proven that aeration and cutting roots help stimulate new growth. But cutting roots is not as easy as it sounds. Big and heavy equipment use to be needed to reach a reasonable depth. This equipment however compacted the soil. MAREDO came up with a solution for this problem and found a 'light weight' solution: The MAREDO GT214 VibeDisc-Slicer heads. The GT214 heads are equipped with the reliable MAREDO vibratory system. The vibratory discs get 'hammered' into the surface by the vibratory system reaching a depth up to 35 mm. / 1.4'. Perfect cuts are the result. After using the GT214 VibeDisc-Slicer heads, new grass growth will start making your turf greener than ever.

Vibratory discs
Perfect cut slits
Light weight

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